What a summer!

Please ignore the photo above….

I recall about 10 years ago an Irish summer like this year’s – sun every day. Yes, yes, I know that Ireland has the rap that it’s always raining….”Tis a soft day, thank God…” a Dubliner might say. But not this year. Grant you, it’s not as warm as it may be in Sicily; here,  it’s temperate and delightful. On the odd cool night we’ll have a fire in the LR fireplace, but hardly ever this summer; whereas I can remember lots of summers here in Ireland that were like winter days in Venice, UK,  or New York, i.e., cold and rainy.

But I ain’t complaining.

An added feature of Ireland is that its longitude means it gets dark very late in the summer and mornings arrive very early. 5AM.  Still light at 10 PM…


About howardf99

Owner of Venice Art Tours in the city of Venice, Italy. Blogging about life in Italy and Ireland. Living in Rathgar, Dublin. Married to novelist, Laurie Graham. Total of 6 children, 8 grandchildren, most in UK or Ireland.
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